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Coaching Corner: Are You A Warrior or A Corinthian? ​

By David Hinchliffe

What kind of cricketer are you?

We all know that doing our best is important, but how you go about trying to win for West makes you either a Warrior or a Corinthian.

Which are you?

You see in club cricket, “trying too hard” is often seen as negative. Cricket came up in a time when trying too hard was unsporting. This has led in modern times to two attitudes to cricket.

  • Warriors: growth and effort is valued most highly.
  • Corinthians: enjoyment and playing for fun has a much higher value. Effort has less worth, innate ability has more worth.

Neither are wrong. It’s just a different motivation.

Now don’t think this attitude is about winning. Both are willing and able to win matches. Everyone is competitive and wants to win games. Both can achieve wins. That’s because mindset and ability are unrelated. Talented players can be motivated more by leisure than development, just as total novices can be motivated by growth.

Warriors simply believe hard work has a greater part to play, Corinthians think its innate ability that is most important.

Have you decided which you are?

It’s important to know because what you think will play a large part in how you prepare.

Warriors want to put in effort to improve. They prefer to have a goal in mind and be working towards it. Improvements can come in any aspect of the game; technical, tactical, physical or mental.

Corinthians don’t see as much need to try and develop as they know their talent level already. All they need is to hone their existing skills. They are already as good as they are going to be, they simply need to manage form.

If you are a Warrior, set yourself some goals for the year. Base them on processes rather than outcomes. For example, look to improve your strike rotation through learning to drop and run more often (a process) not improving your average by 5 runs (an outcome you don’t fully control).

Then do’t be afraid to seek assistance and feedback from others if you need it. You’ll get faster progress if you are working as a team.

If you are a Corinthian, commit to helping the Warriors improve. You don’t need to improve, just get in form, but you can accept others want help to get better. Listen to what they are working on and support them in word and deed. Instead of giggling at those who “try too hard” ask “what can I do to help them reach their goal?” You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how it actually helps your own form.

Often the two sides get frustrated with each other because they don’t understand how the other thinks. If you know which you are and then adapt what you do, suddenly things become harmonious, whichever side you’re on.

And that’s good for everyone!

Updated 14:08 - 4 Jan 2019 by David Hinchliffe

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